Rare Pepe Directory Rare Pepes On The Bitcoin Blockchain.

Yes, rare Pepe’s may not be on the same artistic caliber as an original Monet or- Miro, but with some 1,500+ rare Pepes registered in the Rare Pepe Directory, suffice to say, there’s an active subculture that sees more than enough value to create, curate, and circulate these artifacts of cultural iconography.

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Can the blockchain turn Pepe the Frog into modern art?.

Rare Pepes are even purchased with a cryptocurrency named after the frog.

rule, so you'll certainly find them if you're looking through the directory,” Looney said.

It’s been over a 12 months because the Rare Pepe blockchain buying and selling card economic system was created bringing the dankest, most rarest pepes to the cryptocurrency surroundings. News.Bitscoins.internet reported on the launch of the primary few sequence of Rare Pepe playing cards traded as counterparty (XCP) belongings over the bitcoin blockchain.

22 Jan 2018.

And as a HODL'r of Rare Pepe's himself, Looney was all smiles during this historic moment.

Photo Credit: Rare Pepe Directory.

you have sculptures, you have Rare Pepes on Bitcoin, you have CryptoPunks on Ethereum.

In effect, although silly, Leary said that Pepes “[push] the limits of blockchain and cryptocurrency as we know it.” Rare Pepe as Part of Meme Culture. Pepe’s have a cultural component as well, with each Rare Pepe card having a meme in its picture. These reference many historical events relevant to the cryptocurrency community. The.

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Enter Bitcoin [ANN] The first truly rare Pepes on the Bitcoin Blockchain! [ANN] For years people have been trying to preserve the rarest of pepes from being stolen. Thanks to Bitcoin and Counterparty we can associate these Rare Pepes with tokens to make them truly rare. Now Pepe’s can preserve their rareness and actually be traded on the market.

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